How Resource Solutions improved their railway safety with the help of OMG Engineering

Resource Solutions is a leading provider in the rail industry, blending expertise and equipment to deliver cost-effective solutions for the rail sector.

They needed to improve the efficiency and safety of their rail maintenance operations. Time and time again, managers in the Resources Solution team ran into challenges transporting and storing the heavy equipment and tools essential for maintaining and building railway lines. 

Here’s where we jumped in, partnering up with the Resource Solutions team to cook up something special – a Gang Truck capable of taking the heavy load. 

OMG Engineering’s team rolled up their sleeves, getting stuck in to understand how the equipment we designed would have to fit into Resource Solutions’ existing workflow. We spend time onsite learning about their process and how much material they move each week (spoiler – it’s a lot!).

This truck is not your average Joe. It’s remote-controlled, fitted with sturdy tie-downs, and designed to be as efficient as a busy bee while protecting its construction team from accidents and injury. 

Taine, OMG engineer, explains, “We included all the features we know will help the Resource Solutions team do their job. Storage, safety straps and an automated system enable the team to operate the Gang Truck without standing on top of it.”


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