Drill rig upgrade and rebuild with remote-operations capability

There isn’t much that works harder than a drill rig in Australia. Drill rigs are regularly used to their maximum capacity, so they need lots of attention, including major fabrication and repair work. 

For this project, a client needed OMG Engineering to bring a non-functioning drill rig back to life with a complete rebuild and upgrade.

What OMG Engineering did

The team made a plan for a complete rig rebuild with an upgrade that incorporates enhanced safety technology.

Upgrades, people, upgrades! 

We had two main upgrades to make. The first was a remote rod handling system. The second was an upgraded hydraulics system that allows the mast to be raised and lowered, and the jack legs to be independently controlled by a remote control. Allowing the operator to set up and control hazardous functions at a safe distance from the drill rig.

The finished project

The finished project resulted in a drill rig that was not only brought back to life but now included remote-controlled systems to enhance safety and efficiency. That’s what a solution looks like when it’s shaped by OMG Engineering.

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