Double the power with a remote-operated dual Sullair from OMG Engineering

This remote-operated, mobile, dual Sullair is now operating in a Tier 1 mine for our client Ventia. 

For this project, the challenge was to supply the client’s drill rigs with as much air as possible, and with that brief, Ventia provided us with an extended wheelbase truck complete with an extended chassis and left us to figure out the rest.

What OMG Engineering did about it

The engineering team’s solution was straightforward: to provide maximum air supply, why not just fit 2 Sullair air compressors? 

Thanks to our design efficiency, fabrication, spacing, and folding technologies, the engineering team fitted 2 Sullair air compressors engineered for maximum safety and efficiency.

The tray build now incorporates a folding platform walkway system to facilitate safe movement around the air compressor units. The Sullairs can be operated remotely and have built-in capabilities for remote startup and shutdown procedures, ensuring safety.

The end result? 

A remote-operated, mobile, dual Sullair that punches well above its weight and meets a common industry challenge.

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